Blog Investigation ยป 14 Ways You Can Acquire Money To Start A Blog When You’re Broke

14 Ways You Can Acquire Money To Start A Blog When You’re Broke

14 ways you can get the money to start a blog

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Want to start blogging as a career? But can’t afford the initial blogging cost because you’re dead broke and have no money. No problem. I will tell you how you can acquire the money needed for the initial blogging cost.

To start a basic blog, you must have a domain and hosting. You can start a blog without any other additional services but a domain and hosting is a must. While you can start a Blogspot blog for free and earn a small amount of money with it. I recommend you to go with the paid domain and hosting.

How much it will cost you to buy a domain and Hosting?

Although I am going to tell you how you can obtain the money needed for starting a blog. Don’t target buying high performing costly hosting. As it will be your first blog, you should go with affordable hosting.

Domain cost is very low between 10 to 12 USD. While hosting cost varies depending on the provider you choose.

Hosting price varies depending on your needs and hosting providers. It takes a long time for a blog to generate earnings. So buy the hosting for a minimum of one year.

You can choose Namecheap for the cheapest price. But the cheap price comes with some downfall. Namecheap has 99.9% average uptime. You can start their Stellar hosting plan for 1.58 per month (Renews at 2.88).

So if you choose Namecheap it will cost you $8.88 for domain and $18.96 for hosting. The total cost is $27.84 for 1 year.

Cheap is not always best. If you want good hosting at an affordable price, you should go with Bluehost.

Bluehost gives a free domain with their hosting plans. So no extra cost for a domain name.

Bluehost’s basic plan price is $2.95/mo if you buy for 36 months. It will cost you $5.95/mo if you go for 12 monthly plan. So the total cost of hosting with Bluehost is $106.2 for 36 months or 71.4 for 12 months.

Now that you know the cost of basic blogging, it’s time to acquire the money to start a blog.

The ways you can acquire the money to start a blog

Lots of first-time bloggers start a free blog because they are broke and can’t afford the cost. Later in their blogging life, they have a hard time getting traffic and an even harder time getting the blog monetized.

So don’t be those people and regret later. Start a blog with a custom domain and paid hosting. I will now tell you the ways you can get the money for the initial blogging cost.

1. Do a part-time job

Doing a part-time is obviously the first choice of getting the initial cost of blogging while being broke. Don’t just stay home all day long. Go out and find a part-time job.

After doing the job for a few days, you can save up the money for blogging. Don’t quit your part-time job after acquiring the blogging cost. Do both blogging and part-time job till you start earning from your blog.

2. Save money by reducing spending

No how much broke you are, you have to spend some amount of money in your daily life. Reduce your spendings as much as you can to save some money.

Pick a box or Piggybank to put the saved money. No matter what, don’t take from the saved money. Even if you save $1 or $2 every day, you can save up the starting cost of a blog in a few months.

3. Get from friends and family

The starting cost of a blog is not that much. Ask your family members or friends to lend you money for starting a blog.

4. Do paid survey

Doing a survey is very easy and you don’t need any technical knowledge. You can find many sites that pay you to take the surveys.

Survey Junkie, InboxDollars, Branded Surveys, Swagbucks are some of the paid survey sites. Sign up for multiple survey sites to earn money for buying the domain and hosting.

5. Get paid to search on the web

This has to be the easiest way you can earn money to pay for the blogging start-up cost. You can earn money by just simply searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay. If you are in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia, you can use this method to acquire the cost blogging.

If you’re staying in the above countries, register on and install an add-on to your browser. Now when you search on the web, you might see some sponsored results. Each sponsored result has a cash reward attached to it. Click on it to collect the reward.

6. Earn by playing games

Do you know you earn by playing games? No, I am not talking about those sites that pay you a little bit of money for paying for their games. I am talking about real MMO games that you play every day.

You can do this by trading virtual game currency for real-life money or selling your high-level character for hard cash. is a reputed game currency and character selling platform. Sellers go to the site to sell their game currency or character and buyers come to buy them. gets a small commission for the secured transaction.

When I was launching this site, I was also broke and didn’t have the money for the domain and hosting. I had a game account that I have been playing for a long time. I sold it on and got the money for buying the domain and hosting.

Be aware, selling game currency and character is illegal in some countries. It’s not illegal as you will be in jail but the game developers can ban your account if they find out.

So don’t make it into a profession. Do this one time for acquiring the money needed to buy domain and hosting.

7. Do affiliate marketing

You might be thinking why am I telling you to do affiliate marketing when you can’t even afford a blog to put the affiliate links. Because you don’t need to buy a custom domain for doing affiliate marketing.

You can do affiliate marketing with social sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Some social sites don’t allow you to put affiliate links directly, while others allow putting direct links.

You can also create a free site on WordPress, Weebly, Wix, or Blogspot. Put the links on the free sites and share them on social sites. After getting some earnings, you will have enough money to buy the services need to start a blog.

8. Freelancing

Freelancing is a very popular way you can earn money. Many sites are offering freelance work to those who have some skills such as and

Create an account, browse through the listing, and apply to the task that best suits you. If the client accepts you, you can do the work and get enough money for starting your blog.

9. Translating job

Do you know any language other than English? If you do, you can work as a translator. Many freelance websites offer translating jobs that require you to translate a document from one language to another. You can search the work on,, and many other freelance websites.

10. Content writing

If you want to start a career as a blogger, you should be able to write contents, right? Why not use this skill to earn some money for your blogging investment.

Depending on the quality of content, you will get paid. Focus on a specific niche. It will allow you to write better content. You can find the work on many different freelancing sites.

11. Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is the most popular video hosting website, with 1.8 billion logged-in users according to Wikipedia. You can create a YouTube channel to upload your videos. Focus on a specific niche so that you can build a strong loyal audience.

You can monetize your channel after getting 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours. If you can upload interesting videos, you will get lots of views.

You can earn more than enough money with YouTube to buy the service need for your blog. After starting the blog, you can continue the YouTube channel side by side with your blog.

12. Sell eBook

Are you specialized in a certain skill that is valuable for the public? You can write about it on the Amazon Kindle store and get paid whenever it’s sold.

Put all the relevant pieces of information you know, researched, and compile them in a form of an eBook. Make it simple so that viewers can digest the information and find it valuable.

13. Review apps and websites for cash pays you to review all kinds of websites, apps, and more. Sign up on UserTesting, complete a test review and you will get tasks in your inbox.

For a quick cash grab, this method is right for you. Earn the money needed for your domain and hosting and start your blogging career.

14. Sell old CDs of games and movies

Have a lot of old CDs that are piling in your room? Copy them on your laptop and sell all of them on Amazon Marketplace or eBay. You can sell anything here.

Although you can earn small bits of money on an item, it can add up to large money if you have a big collection. So sell your junk and it will cover the cost to start a blog.


Most of the above task requires a long time to gather enough money for the cost of a blog. So don’t wait for the launch of the blog. Start writing the contents now. Write blog ideas on a notepad and do keyword research beforehand.


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