5 Best Method Of Earning From A Blogspot Blog

5 Best Method Of Earning From A Blogspot Blog (Blogger.com)

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If you have a Blogspot blog or just thinking of starting one. The first question anyone asks is “Can I make money with Blogspot?”
Yes. You can earn from Blogspot by displaying ads and affiliate links.

Monetize With AdSense

The best way of earning from Blogspot is AdSense monetization. AdSense doesn’t require minimum traffic. Only quality content is required for acceptance.
If your blog has high-quality content, you should apply on AdSense. Firstly sign in to Blogger, then go to the earnings tab and finally create an AdSense account or link your existing account.

Monetize With Other Ad Networks

Many bloggers have a hard time getting approved from AdSense, especially beginners.

It is extremely difficult for a beginner to write high-quality content which is the main requirement of AdSense.

Most of the ad network doesn’t accept free website such as Blogspot. Only a handful of ad networks accept Blogspot. Popads, Clickadu, Adcash, Popmyads are some of the ad networks that accept Blogspot.

Affiliate Marketing With Blogspot

Nowadays affiliate marketing has become one of the best methods of earning from your blog. More and more bloggers are choosing affiliate links over display ads.

Why? Because the commission is good and it does not hinder the user’s experience. It also makes your blog professional.

As so many bloggers are choosing affiliate links for monetization, you should also go with the flow.

Sign up for an affiliate program that accepts Blogspot. Create and share your unique affiliate link on your blog.

Amazon associate is the best affiliate program out there. Sign up using your Blogspot website. Once your site gets approved you can post an Amazon affiliate link on your blog. Before you signup is sure that you have good content on your Blogspot blog.

Sell Your Own Product

Do you have your own product for sale? If you sell your product locally and have a small number of customers, you can use Blogspot to sell your product.

Although you can use Blogspot for eCommerce, that doesn’t mean you should. Blogspot is unprofessional and harms your brand.

To sell your product using Blogspot you will need a template from a third-party site.

First, go to a third-party site then download your preferred template. Now log in to your blogger account.

On your left side of your Blogger dashboard, you will see the theme link. Click on in to go to the theme page. Back up your current theme in case something goes wrong. Now click on the restore button and choose your previously downloaded eCommerce template.

Your template is now successfully installed. Visit your site to check everything works fine.

Redirect To A WordPress Blog

All the methods of earning from Blogspot above will only get you minimal earnings. I will now explain the best method.

Once you have earned some amount of money, buy a domain and hosting. Now install the best Content Management System, WordPress on your blog.

Export your Blogspot content and import the content on the new blog. Now that your new blog is ready, use a redirect from the old blog to the new blog. You need to use 301 permanent redirects to migrate your blog.

Now all your visitors will go to your new blog. Monetize your new blog with high paying ad networks. You can earn much more with your new blog compared to your previous blog.


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