Blog Investigation ยป Advantage And Disadvantage Of Blogspot Blog (Blogger Platform)

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Blogspot Blog (Blogger Platform)

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Blogspot

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In today’s age, blogging has become a very popular earning source. Although it takes a lot of time and effort, if one can perceive, blogging can become a very good source of active or passive income.

To step on this path of earning, you will need to invest a small amount of money to buy a domain, hosting, and some additional service.

If you want to be a serious blogger and run a successful blog, this cost is necessary.
Buying this can be very easy for a long time publisher. But a newbie can’t this afford easily.

Some new bloggers can’t cover this cost or they don’t want to risk it on the first try. That’s why they tend to go for a free blog.

For this reason, a lot of new bloggers go for a free blog. After getting a good amount of traffic they bang their head in regret.

So don’t regret it later. Spend a bit of money now if you consider blogging as a career and a business model. Every business needs a first-time investment, so does blogging.

If you still want to use a free Blogspot for learning and experience you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of using a free Blogspot.

Blogger/Blogspot Advantage

Blogspot has some of its own advantages. No wonder millions of Blogspot blogs are out there on the internet. Pros of Blogspot blog are as follows:

Create Free Blogs

Google’s Blogger platform provides its Blogspot blog for free. This is the main reason

Firstly sign in using a Google account. Then put the site title, available site address, and chose a template.

Your blog set up is done. You can now create a blog post and publish your content.

Do Not Require Hosting

Google’s Blogger platform doesn’t need hosting. It doesn’t matter if you are using a custom domain or their free .blogspot domain, Google will host your site for free.

Startup Easily

Blogspot blog is very easy to start up. Even a beginner can start a blog without any previous blogging experience.

Simple To Use

Google’s Blogger platform is very easy to use. You can write posts without any coding knowledge with their compose view editor.

Create Up To 100 Blog Site

With a Google account, you can create up to 100 free Blogspot blog. 100 blogs are more than enough for someone.

Monetize You Blog

Although Blogspot has many restrictions on monetization, you can still monetize your blog.

Google AdSense is the main monetization method to earn from your Blogspot blog.
You can also use other ad networks that accept a Blogspot blog to make an income from your blog.

Can Use Blogger’s Own Commenting System

You don’t need to integrate any commentating systems on Blogspot. Blogger has its own simple commenting system.

You can also add Disqus if you are not satisfied with their commenting system. You can add Disqus on Blogspot with a third-party Blogspot template.

Add AdSense Easily

When your Blogspot blog is eligible, you can apply to AdSense. To do this, click on the earnings tab to create an AdSense account.
Now select the Google account associated with your Blogger account. Then fill out the AdSense form and create an account.

After submitting your payment details and verify your number, the system should automatically take you to Blogger.

Ready To Use Sitemap.xml and Robot.txt File

Blogspot provides you with a ready-made XML file to submit to search engines.
Open any of your browser’s address bar and write your domain name and put “/sitemap.xml” at the end ( and press go. It will take you to your sitemap.

Blogspot also has a ready to use default robot.txt file that you can use.

Your default robot.txt should look like this:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

You can also create your custom robot.txt file on blogspot. You can create your very own custom robot.txt file with a few easy steps:

  1. Go your blogger account
  2. Open Settings > Search Preferences > Crawlers and indexing > Custom robots.txt > Edit > Yes.
  3. Now write or paste your robot.txt file code on the box
  4. Save changes and your done.

Blogger/Blogspot Disadvantage

The disadvantages of the Blogspot blog overwhelms the advantage. A free service is not a good service. The Cons of Blogspot blog are as follows:

Bad for your Brand

If you want to make living as a blogger or trying to make your own company, then you should always avoid Blogspot.

Using Blogspot will hurt your brand credibility and hinder your career as a blogger. No successful bloggers use free Blogspot for blogging. So you should also consider avoiding Blogspot.

Doesn’t Perform Well In Search

If you search on Google for any topic you will hardly find any Blogspot blog on the first page of Google search.

This is because Blogspot blog doesn’t rank well on search engines. No matter how good your content is, your blog won’t rank on Google for various reasons. Thus you will get only a small amount of traffic.

Limited Customization

The appearance of your site is one of the key points of attracting your viewers. No viewer want to stay on a crappy looking site.
Your option for customizing your blog’s appearance and features are very limited with Blogspot.

There are some unofficial templates available that you can use but most of them are not of good quality.

Monetization Limitations

The most popular method of earning from a blog is from monetizing with ads. To monetize your blog, you need to register with an ad network.

High paying ad networks require a good quality blog. Most of the ad network doesn’t even accept free blogs. Without a good ad network, your earnings will be very limited.

The primary monetization method of Blogspot is AdSense. Other than that only a handful of ad network accepts Blogspot.

Harder To Get Backlink

Backlinks are the backbone of your blog. It helps your blog to rank on google and also helps you get traffic.

A high authority backlink helps your blog rank high, whereas a spammy and trashy backlink pulls your blog down.

A high authority site won’t link back to your Blogspot site. Thus you will lose a good method of SEO and the traffic source from it.

Full of spam

Gray hat link builders use free Blogspot to create lots of blogs, put a little bit of content, and link it to their actual website.

It is a very overused method of getting backlinks. So most of the Blogspot blog is considered as spam.

No SEO tools

The importance of SEO can not be said in a few words. Without good SEO your site has less chance to rank high on Google or any other search engine. For SEO, you will need backlinks as well as some SEO tools.

On WordPress, you can use many plugins to optimize your blog for SEO. On Blogspot, your scope of SEO is very slim.

You Don’t Own Your Blog

Bloggers such as yourself work very hard in creating content, researching keywords, and work day and night to get traffic.

So obviously you want to own your content right? That is ultimately not an option for Blogspot.

Your Blogspot blog resides in the Blogger platform that is owned by Google. So although your content is yours, it is still owned by Google. Google can shut your blog down for any reason.

Page Limitation

Some blogs need only a few pages whereas others need a lot of pages.

While Blogspot doesn’t have any restriction on the number of posts, you can create no more than 20 pages.

You are also permitted to list a maximum of 100 blog posts on a single page.


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