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Ad Networks With No Minimum Traffic Requirements (Small Publisher)

Ad Network that has no traffic requirements

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Are you a new blogger and want to monetize your blog? Do you have a new blog that is getting low traffic? If YES then you have come to the right place.

In this post, you are going to find out which ad networks have no minimum traffic requirements.


AdSense Ad Network

AdSense is the king of contextual ad networks. They have no minimum traffic requirements. If your blog is six months old and has unique and good quality content, you can try applying to Adsense.

However, getting AdSense approved is very difficult. If you’re not getting approved, try another ad network that also doesn’t need any minimum traffic.

AdSense Ad Format

  • Display ads (Responsive and fixed size)
  • In-feed ads
  • In-article ads
  • Matched contend ads
  • Link ads
  • Video ads

Google AdSense Payment Method

  • Check (Only US)
  • EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)
  • Wire Transfer
  • Rapida Payment

AdSense Payment Threshold And Schedule

AdSense pays its publisher once a month. Once your AdSense balance reaches above the 100$ threshold, Google will send your payment.

If your balance didn’t reach the threshold on the current payment period, it will be added to the next month’s payment. Ad Network is a top-level contextual ad network powered by Yahoo! Bing network. It is the best Google AdSense alternative & sometimes even better. doesn’t require minimum traffic rather they require quality content and major traffic from top-tier countries like the US, UK, and such countries.

So even if your blog is new and low on traffic, you won’t need to worry. With quality content, your chance of getting approved is high. Payment Method

  • Payoneer
  • Wire Transfer

Payment Threshold And Schedule pays its publisher on a NET 30 basis with a 100$ minimum payment. Unpaid earnings of the previous month will be added to the next month.


Infolinks Ad Network

Infolinks is another ad network that doesn’t have minimum traffic requirements.

Their InText ad is the most popular. While ads from other networks take your website space with banner ads, InText ads from this network only occupy your blog texts.

Infolinks Ad Types

Infolinks offers 5 types of ad format:

  • InText
  • InFold
  • InScreen
  • InTag
  • InFrame

Infolinks Payment Method

  • Paypal
  • eCheck
  • ACH
  • Payoneer
  • Bank Wire

Payment Threshold And Schedule

Infolinks publishers can get paid 45 days after the minimum threshold is reached. The minimum payout is 50 USD for all payment methods other than Bank Wire. Bank Wire has a minimum threshold of 100 USD.

RevenueHits √

RevenueHits Ad Network

Revenuehits is a CPM based as well as CPA (Cost Per Action) based network. They pay for impressions as well as click, sell, and form submit, filling surveys, etc. They claim that for their 2 million daily impressions they offer a 100% fill rate.

RevenueHits Ad Types

  • Display Banner
  • Popunder
  • In Page Push
  • Button
  • Footer
  • Floating Banner
  • Shadow Box
  • Slider
  • Dialog

RevenueHits Payment Method

  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Wire transfer

RevenueHits Threshold And Schedule

If the payment gets denied 3 times in a raw you will be unable to withdraw for 30 days.

You will be paid on a Net 30 basis. Payment is sent on the last Thursday of every month.

The minimum payout is 20 USD. You will need 500 USD for Wire Transfer


PropellerAds Ad Network

New bloggers with low traffic have a hard time monetizing their blogs. They can’t apply to high paying ad network such as Spoutable that requires half a million traffic monthly. Or get rejected by AdSense, for quality content.

To monetize those blogs Propellerads is the right choice. Propellerads don’t need minimum traffic and they won’t judge by your quality content.

If you have a blog with a lot of content, it’s likely your blog will get accepted.

Propellerads Ad Types

  • In-Page Push (Banner)
  • Push Notification
  • Onclick Popunder
  • Interstitial
  • Direct link (Direct ads)

Propellerads payment method

  • Paypal
  • Webmoney
  • Skrill
  • ePayment
  • Wire
  • Payoneer

Propellerads Minimum Threshold And Payout Schedule

New publishers get payment 14 days after getting their first impression. The publisher gets payment every week on Thursday.

The minimum payout is 5 USD. Payoneer has 20 USD and Wire has 500 USD minimum payout. You will need to pay a 50 USD fee if you want to withdraw with Wire.


AdCash Ad Network

Founded in 2007, Adcash is a Dynamic CPM based ad network.

Adcash had become a very popular ad network for one, their wide variety of ad types and other, letting publisher control their display offer manually.

Adcash Ad Types

  • Push Notifications
  • Pop-Under Ads
  • Interstitial ads
  • Native Ads
  • Banner Ads

Adcash Payment Method

  • Payoneer
  • WebMoney
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin

Adcash Payment Threshold And Schedule

Adcash pays its publisher on a NET 30 basis. Payment must be requested between the 1st and 10th of each month after reaching the minimum threshold.

The minimum payment threshold is 25 USD. Only wire transfer minimum threshold is 100 USD.


HilltopAds Ad Network

HilltopAds is a U.K.-Based advertising network that offers popunder ads for both desktop and mobile sites.

HilltopAds has no minimum traffic requirement. Once you signup you can add your website. It takes up to 3 days for the approval process.

Ad formats Available for HilltopAds publisher

  • Mobile Banners
  • Display Banners
  • Mobile Popunder
  • In Player Ads
  • Instant Message
  • Popunders

HilltopAds Payment Method

  • Wire transfer
  • Paxum
  • Payoneer
  • ePayService
  • WebMoney
  • ePayments
  • Bitcoin

HilltopAds Threshold And Schedule

HilltopAds has minimum payout requirements for Bitcoin of 100$, Wire transfer of 1000$, and 50$ for all other payment methods. Publishers are paid weekly.


Clickadu Ad Network

Those with a new blog or low traffic should try Clickadu. If you are having trouble finding the right ad network because of low traffic or quality content, try Clickadu.

Clickadu publishers have the following ad types available for them

  • Popunder
  • Instant text message
  • Push notification
  • Video ads
  • Skim

Clickadu Payment Method, Threshold, And Fee

  • Paypal | Minimum payout 20$ | 2% Transaction fee
  • Webmoney | Minimum payout 10$ | 1% Transaction fee
  • Crypto wallets | Minimum payout 65$
  • Paxum | Minimum payout 10$ | 1$ Transfer fee
  • Wire transfer | Minimum 1000$ | Fixed transaction fee of 25$

Clickadu Payment Schedule

Clickadu pays its publisher on a NET 7, NET 15, and NET 30 basis. By default, you will get paid once a month.

Contact their support to get NET 7 or NET 15 payment basis.


PopAds Ad Network

Popads is a premium popunder ad network that accepts every website other than illegal ones.

They have no minimum traffic requirement and is very easy to get approved. You can use this ad network along with other ad networks.

Popads Ad Types

  • Popunder
  • Popup
  • Tab under
  • Tabup
  • Floating Banner
  • Push Notifications

Popads Payment Method And Minimum Threshold

  • Paypal | 5 USD
  • AlertPay | 5 USD
  • Wire transfer | 2000 USD

Popads Payout Schedule

Once earnings reach the threshold you can withdraw your money anytime you want.

No more waiting for a month for payment. It usually takes less than 24 hours to get your money in your wallet. A wire transfer takes a little more time.


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