About me

Hi. Thanks for visiting my site. Hope you have found the relevant information you were looking for.

Now some information about me.

Who am I?

My name is Johir Ahamed. I am a Bangladeshi blogger, founder of BlogInvestigation. Currently, all the content in this blog is written by me.

My blogging journey

I started learning blogging in 2015. I wanted to earn some side money. But I didn’t have a computer then nor could I afford one. So I searched all the ways I could earn money with my Android mobile and somehow found blogging.

I didn’t know anything about blogging then. I even didn’t have any knowledge about any blogging platforms.

So I searched on Google “How to create a website” and it showed that I needed to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It took me a few weeks to learn all the coding needed.

After learning the coding, I found out that I also needed to have a domain and hosting. I was crushed. I couldn’t afford those.

So searched for how to start a blog for free. Then I learned I could start blogging for free. Although I will be stuck with a subdomain I didn’t care. I was OK as long I can make money off it.

My first blog was on wordpress.com which I created with my android mobile. It had a photo collection of celebrities. After making some posts and sharing them on social media, I was getting some traffic. Now I wanted to monetize it.

I was crushed again when I found out that I can’t put ads on a free WordPress blog.

Searched again for another free blogging platform that allows putting ads. Then found out that I can create a free Blogspot blog and earn money with it.

Now that I have created a free Blogspot blog, I tried getting it approved on AdSense. But they didn’t accept me for obvious reasons. That blog was only a few weeks old and didn’t have much content in it.

I stopped blogging afterward.

Fast forward to 2016. I saw an advertisement while browsing the internet. Black Friday was coming and Namecheap had great deals. Somehow I bought a domain from Namecheap for $1.18.

Couldn’t still afford hosting then so used a free hosting provider. Installed WordPress, put together some posts.

This blog was also a collection of celebrity photos that I just downloaded from other sites and posted on my site. I still didn’t know I couldn’t use copyrighted images. What a noob.

I should have learned some basic blogging knowledge.

I got my blog banned on Facebook which was my main traffic source because some of the celebrity photos were a bit revealing.

Now my only traffic source was Google. I wasn’t getting much traffic now and also couldn’t get accepted into AdSense. So I just stopped blogging.

Don’t know why but after my domain expired, I logged into Google analytics. I was shocked seeing 340,000 total page views and I only had 12 posts. I wanted to start again.

Waited again for Black Friday and bought another domain in 2018. Made all the mistakes again. My previous blog was backed up on Google drive. So restored my blog and also created some new posts.

Waited for the traffic to come but it didn’t come. Found out that AdSense isn’t going to accept my blog because of the lack of content and copyrighted images.

Other ad networks didn’t accept me because of low traffic. I didn’t know some ad networks have no minimum traffic requirement.

So I stopped blogging the fourth time. Again after the domain expired logged into Google Analytics and saw 424,000 total page views.

I was now angry. Why only after I stop blogging my page view increases. Then reality crashed in. I didn’t know Google starts ranking new websites after 5-6 months.

How BlogInvestigation was launched

When the COVID-19 pandemic started I was jobless. I didn’t know what to do. Even after the shutdown ended I couldn’t get a job. So I thought why not start blogging again.

But this time I didn’t make any mistakes. I took my time learning. For a few months, I learned all blogging knowledge I could find, took a lot of SEO courses.

Then I set down to choose a topic to blog. This time I was knowledgeable, so I didn’t choose the previous path. I brainstormed all the topics I was knowledgeable about. I found out the topic I was most knowledgeable about was blogging.

So I bought this domain on November 23 2020 and launched the blog on 1st December 2020.

In this blog, I am going to write all the blogging knowledge I learned so you won’t make the same mistakes as me.